What people say?

The potential of Interactive Process Mining is its capability to empower health experts in the real understanding of the health process, allowing them to actually know their patients behavior and measure the value chain of their decisions
Carlos Fernandez-Llatas
Head of Interactive Process Mining for Health Lab (Universitat Politècnica de València, SP)
We have huge databases but after understanding IPM, I consider we are at the Bronze Age
Martin Holzmann
Function of Emergency care (Karolinska University Hospital, SE)
It is the best solution to improve and understand the healthcare patient workflow
Angeles Celda
Nurse, Emergency Medicine (Hospital General de València, SP)
Learning IPM should be a must for all the Portuguese cardiologists
Lino Gonçalvez
Cardiac Service Chief (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra , PT)
Interactive process mining will be a key element for clinical pathway optimization. With the participation in “Value project” Medtronic will be one step ahead in the value-based healthcare transformation
Rebeca Basurto
Head of Iberia consulting in Integrated Health solutions (Medtronic, SP)
VALUE project offers us the possibility of enriching our digital transformation solution by integration new added value services for the healthcare domain
Blanca Jordán
Health Sector Manager at Research and Innovation (ATOS, SP)