The Solution

VALUE solution is aligned with EIT Health’s goal of “Promoting better health of citizens”, as it is focused on transforming health outcomes through the adoption of VBHC approaches.

VALUE solution proposes a new framework to enable the collaboration of the clinical, technical, and management staff to adopt VBHC approaches. It includes a technological product and a method to foster the discussion among all the actors involves in the healthcare delivery.

The solution uses innovative Interactive Process Mining techniques to dive into the internals of the clinical pathways finding out the real steps performed by patients. IPM is powered by PM4H.


Unlike other technologies, the VALUE solution doesn’t omit information in the generation of new knowledge and offers detailed step-by-step maps of what happens in the clinical practice. The adoption of the VALUE solution by Hospitals will boost a VBHC transformation overcoming most of the current barriers and providing a healthcare system focused on patients’ health as the key indicator.

The VALUE dashboard allows the collaboration of all the staff, providing interactive controls that reports issues according to performance or clinical indicators in an understandable way.